Carry your vital data with you wherever you go

emerdat is an emergency data store (medical and private) for every Java MIDP 1.0 compatible cellphone.

emerdat was made for those people who want to feel safer by having their vital data always at hand in their cellphone.

When would emerdat's private data store be useful?

If you have several creditcards then you can store your PIN codes in emerdat's database. If you have several passwords to remember then you can store them in emerdat's database. If you use emerdat in password protected mode then you have to remember one password only and all your other passwords and PINs are available in your phone.

emerdat can be run in two modes:

  • Without password protection

All data can be seen and modified by anybody who has access to your phone.

  • With password protection

Only that person can modify your data who knows the password.

Only that person can see your private data (other passwords and PINs) who knows the password.

Your medical data can be seen by anybody in this case also.

Here are the fields which are stored as your medical data:

  • Blood group and blood pressure
  • Present and past medications
  • Medication allergies
  • Allergies (not medical)
  • Present and past sicknesses (personal and family)
  • Surgical events,
  • Smoking (personal, passive childhood and prebirth)
  • Alcohol usage (personal, passive prebirth)
  • Vaccinations
  • Exercise and activity
  • Physical tests
  • Doctor's name and phones
  • Closest relative's name and phones
  • Distinguishing features on your body(tattoo,mole,missing tooth)
  • Name, address, etc...(weight,height)

A handy application to give peace of mind.



EmerDat 1.4